Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What the Hell Is Wrong With You People??

I asked my husband last night, "What do you do when you are completely disenchanted with society?"  He really didn't have an answer for me, of course he was looking at his phone at the time so he was probably just giving me the standard answer for when he is not listening to me.  I used to be gleefully ignorant. I used to not know what assholes people really were.  The only glimpse of the troubled world was the evening news and the daily newspaper.  Social networking has changed all of that. Now I can see news as it happens AND see the general public reaction to it.  This is where I become disgruntled with people. This is where I want to become a hermit or the crazy cat lady and just walk away.  This is where I ask, "What the hell?"

I have always supported removing the Confederate flag from state and government buildings.  It just does not belong there. The flag belongs to a separate country, it belongs in history.  It should be appropriately displayed in museums and historical sites.  With that said, THEY ARE CANCELLING DUKES OF HAZARD????  The Confederate flag has been used as a symbol of rebellion for years.  I don't particularly like it, but that is my choice.  There are lots of shows that are way more offensive than the General Lee on Dukes of Hazard...Archie Bunker, The Jefferson's, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park...I'm not saying all of these shows should be cancelled, not at all.  The fact is many of these shows put in our face the reality of racism and make fun of it.  Comedians do it all of the time.  Removing the flag from government buildings?  I can get behind that.  This smoke screen of the the Confederate flag instigating all of the hate in our society...

What the hell is wrong with you people???

Bill Cosby admitted in 2005 that he drugged and raped a woman employed by Temple University.  Temple kept him on the Board of Trustees.  The incident was hidden from the public as to not "embarrass" Mr. Cosby.  What about the victim? What about the victims who have come forward since with similar charges?  Temple kept a rapist on their Board of Trustees basically supporting him as a trusted member?  What does that alone say about the rape culture in our society??  It doesn't stop there.  When news came out of the admission of guilt in 2005, people everywhere were saying, "I still love Bill Cosby!  I don't care what they say!  He has my support!"  People!  You do not fucking know Bill Cosby!  Period.  He is a television celebrity, that is all.  When are we going to understand that the character we see on the screen, may or may not be the person that we think.  What Cosby did was inexcusable and disgusting. He used his power to prey on women for his own enjoyment. Not only that, he judgmentally and repeatedly criticized black men. Bill Cosby was a beloved character on television since my childhood.  I grew up on Fat Albert and The Cosby Show.  I loved Pudding Pops.  I hate that he is not what I thought he was, but guess what?  I never knew the man.

What the hell is wrong with you people???

On my local news feed, a fifteen year old girl was kidnapped and raped.  The perpetrator was arrested and the story reported.  Most comments were of anger at the man who was arrested and empathy to the young, teenage girl.  But of course, one woman...a woman...said something about how the girl might have been dressed.  Seriously?  Are we still to believe that good honest men are just standing around minding their own business when a girl walks by wearing something that turns him on and then...suddenly...without control...he rapes her!?  When is society going to learn that it is not about what a woman is wearing.  It is about opportunity for the rapist who is searching for such.  If she was wearing a mini skirt, shorts, tank top, or a nun's makes no difference!!!  It is not a woman's/girl's job to avoid must stop raping.  (I am aware that men are raped too, however, it is more common for a woman to be raped by a man which is what I am dealing with in this example)  

What the hell is wrong with you people???

Religion is a huge issue in this country.  HUGE!  Especially now with same-sex marriage becoming legalized nationwide, there is so much debate.  This is my stance...I am a Christian, but, all Christians do not believe the same thing.  That is why there are so many denominations.  There are denominations that support gay rights, Disciples of Christ, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and some Lutheran churches, just to name a few.  It irritates me that the term Christian is blanketing the opinion of all Christians as opposed to just the fundamentalist sects.  I support same-sex marriage.  If the argument is that same-sex marriage somehow harms the holy sanctity of marriage...why are atheists allowed to get married?  Hmm?  I believe in the separation of church and state.  Completely, 100%.  Bring back God in school!  No.  School is for learning academics.  Period.  If religion is brought into the public school ,  you MUST include all religions.  ALL RELIGIONS.  ALL DENOMINATIONS.  The flip side of this is if you allow religion in your government, then, you must allow government in your religion.  It is a two way street. The Constitution gives us freedom of religion, not freedom to be a Christian and only a Christian.

What the hell is wrong with you people???

In this age of information, with all of the educational opportunities available, why oh there so much ignorance?  Have we lost the ability to show compassion? Have we lost the gift of common sense?  The question remains, what the hell???

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